Her face was such a delightful bait-and-switch.

April 19th, 2009 ·

Unless you’ve just not been paying attention, you’ve seen this whole Susan Boyle thing. She is a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. She is from a very small town. She is sassy and sweet and endearing and has a gorgeous voice. She also happens to not be the prettiest lady you’ve ever seen, which seems to be a relevant and noteworthy contrast to her voice according to every human on Earth. I think that’s why people cry when they watch her her sing. Because I guess it’s refreshing when homely nobodies prove they have actual value.

She announces at the beginning that she aspires to greatness as a singer. The audience laughs like it’s a punch line, then laughs-off their cynical laughter with more laugher, only now spiced conservatively with guilt. “HAHA! We were soulless planet-scabs just now. OH WELL, RIGHT?!”

Nice one, humanity.

My ire got all the way up yesterday morning when I flipped on the TODAY show to see Amy and Lester (two beautiful people) jawing on about it and marveling and copping some refreshed hope in people. Horse hockey. All the commentary about it and all the hubbub, for me, is amounting to the whole world saying, “For a fat girl, you don’t sweat much.”, or, as in the comic above, some more racially insensitive remark.


I would like to thank Sabrina over at reportercaps.com for use of the image of Amy and Lester. I found it in a Google image search for their names. I don’t have a DVR anymore (And yes, that TV you see is still our only TV. We expect a call from the Smithsonian any day now.) so I can’t capture the screens and I wasn’t fast enough with my camera to catch it myself. Sabrina’s site, an admittedly odd niche of super news fans sharing daily screen-captures of their favorite reporters and anchors saying the news, had just the kind of image I needed, and she graciously allowed me to use it, even after I straight-up asked her, “This isn’t some weird news fetish site is it? My mom reads my comic, you know.”

I’ve got some nerve, huh?

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