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August 17th, 2009 ·

I have decided to retire LOLZIES!!1@!.

I’ve felt guilt over neglecting this site lately, like I was flaking out on a project.
There’s that idea that comes with so many other things – sometimes quite healthily – that a person should finish the things they start or that they shouldn’t jump around from thing to thing very often. There is certainly a bucket of wisdom there across several categories, but it doesn’t apply so categorically to creative work. Finding your creative footing is a progression, not a last stand.

LOLZIES!!1@! awoke in me the desire to write comedy of one kind or another, and, despite the intermittent release schedule, it taught me creative discipline. I also learned what kinds of things NOT to do with my personal creative work: try to make money from it. There were points along the way where I drew up varied plans to sell product, but it was too tempting to serve the marketability of the work rather than the work of the work, which, at the time, and as is still the case, is the main point for me.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy making my living writing comedy, or that trying to earn a living with your creative thing is dishonest. I’m saying I like my day job pretty well. I work from home, rarely have to travel and my coworkers are a total gas; we get along famously. I have more of life’s boxes checked than I deserve to have checked, so I have neither the desire nor the need to pursue some replacement career. What I do desire is to make something worth making and put it where people who will enjoy it can get at it.

So, this project has served its purpose. Aside from my two small children and sweet wife, all of whom would enjoy my having one less distraction, there are some other things that need my attention right now.

To the handful of you who have enjoyed this site from the beginning and offered your encouragement along the way, thank you, it has meant a great deal to me.

I’ll still be smearing my esoterica on Twitter, occasionally writing “funny” stories and generally scrapbooking the absurd things I find at my personal site and making the odd video here and there, so you can stay tuned (read: humor me) at those locations if you like.

Thank you.


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